Meet Smpl

Meet Smpl

The World’s Most Functional Snack Bar. Smpl is a new kind of snack bar created to help nourish the body and enhance the mind. Our bars are infused with effective doses of balancing adaptogens and brain-boosting nootropics. Whether you’re looking for an energy boost, need to focus, enhance your immune system or de-stress, Smpl has a bar for your every mood.

Energy Bar (Dark Chocolate)

The energy bar has a rich dark chocolate flavor and is made with 100mg of  ginseng and 65mg of green tea caffeine equal to 1 shot of espresso. The energy bar is perfect for someone looking to replace their morning coffee with a healthier option or for anyone looking for an energy boost throughout their day.

Focus Bar (Vanilla Almond)

The focus bar is made with 200mg of ashwagandha and ginseng which help boost concentration and energy. This bar is perfect for anyone who needs a boost in productivity or energy. Plus it has a mouthwatering vanilla flavor that you will love.

Immunity Bar (Super Berry)

The super berry immunity bar has an insanely delicious fruity flavor and it smells like a handful of berries. It’s made with 100mg elderberries, 1 billion CFUs of probiotics, and has 100% daily value of vitamin C. This bar is perfect as a daily supplement to promote immunity and fight inflammation.

Calm Bar (Coconut)

The calm bar has a tropical coconut flavor and is made with 50mg magnesium, 200mg of ashwagandha, and 100mg of lemon balm which helps to relax and destress. This bar is perfect for high-stress moments or right before bed.

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