Frequently Asked Questons

    What are adaptogens and nootropics?

    Adaptogens are ancient herbs that help the body adapt to physical and emotional stressors. Nootropics are natural substances that help improve cognitive function. Each of our bars are made with effective combinations of these ingredients to help energize, calm, focus you & boost immunity.

    What is your Membership?

    We pride ourselves on having the most flexible Membership, which you can fully manage via text. It’s free to join, you receive flexible monthly deliveries, 20% savings, free shipping and early access to new product launches. You can order, edit or skip your month with just a few text messages.

    Can I eat multiple bars per day?

    Yes! Because we use all natural plant-based ingredients, you are giving yourself a powerful nutrient boost when you eat these bars. Our bars are designed for you to eat up to 4 per day. Note: our energy bar contains the equivalent of one espresso shot, so we recommend not consuming more caffeine than your normal intake.

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