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Save 20% plus free shipping when you join. No membership fees & you can manage your orders fully via text message.

How it Works

  • <p>Free to join</p> Free to join
  • <p>Free shipping always</p> Free shipping always
  • <p>20% savings</p> 20% savings
  • <p>Deliver every 1, 2, or 4 weeks</p> Deliver every 1, 2, or 4 weeks
  • <p>Text us to edit, skip, or cancel anytime</p> Text us to edit, skip, or cancel anytime

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You can subscribe, swap flavors, skip a month or pause your subscription all just by texting us. We promise we’ll text back.

  • Hey! Your next order of 12 immunity bars for $24 is set to renew in 3 days. Let us know if you want any changes!

  • Thanks! Can I actually get the focus bars this month?

  • Yes, no problem! We will swap this month's order for you. Anything else?

  • Nope that's it! I'm loving my membership!

  • Great to hear, feel free to text us with any other questions!

Frequently Asked Questons

Is there a minimum commitment for a subscription?

No! If for any reason you want to skip a month, pause or cancel your membership, all you have to do is text us.

How do I update my next shipment?

As a Smpl Member, you’ll receive a text reminder three days before your shipment. You can edit your order, shipping and billing details, and skip or cancel your shipment all via text. Or, you can let us know sooner by texting us at 516-TXT-SMPL (516-898-7675). You can also access your subscription online by logging into your account, then click ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and ‘Edit’ next to your subscription details.

How do I skip a shipment?

To skip a shipment, all you need to do is text us at 516-TXT-SMPL (516-898-7675), and we’ll handle it for you. It’s always free to skip a month, and we’ll send you a text reminder the next month about resuming your Subscription.

Can I pause my Membership?

Yes! We understand life happens, and you may need to take a brief break from your Membership. All you have to do is text us at 516-898-7675 and we'll pause your Membership until you're ready to resume!

How do I cancel my Membership?

To cancel your Membership, text us at 516-TXT-SMPL (516-898-7675), and we’ll process it for you. We’d miss you, but hey, it’s free to come back anytime.

Where does Smpl ship?

We ship to all 50 US states to USPS-verified addresses.

When can I expect my bars to arrive?

Orders ship the day after your order is placed and typically deliver 3 to 5 business days after your order is processed. Alaska and Hawaii have longer ship times (10-14 days). If you have an urgent matter, text us 516-TXT-SMPL (516-898-7675), or email us at

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