Smpl was born from the belief that everyone has the right to feel healthy and happy.

The truth is, we’re all busier than ever before.

We’re all living in a world asking us to do more, be more, and show up more — and it’s taking a massive toll on our mind, body, and physical and emotional health.

Superfoods to
the rescue

Burned out and exhausted, we turned to superfoods. Within a few weeks, we felt a transformational shift — and saw the real difference plant-based superfoods, adaptogens, and botanicals made in our mental and physical states. More energy, improved focus. We slept better and felt calmer.

Finding the right mix

The downside was that finding the right mix of superfoods was time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. And the only pre-made superfood shots and powders we found were either full of sugar, touted unsubstantiated benefits, or tasted terrible.

Research, recipes, and the ridiculously delicious

So we got to work. After years of obsessive research and hundreds of recipes, we created the snack we’d always wanted — ridiculously delicious, ready-to-eat bars with effective levels of functional ingredients to give us an edge in life.

Bringing superfoods to the people

For us, smpl is about more than delicious, healthy snacks. It’s about bringing the powerful benefits of superfoods to everyone. And, doing our part to instill integrity in the functional food industry.

We’re thrilled and grateful to share smpl with you — to give you everything your body and mind needs to live happier and healthier.Bringing superfoods to the people

Thanks for believing in smpl. Ellis Fried

A Bar for Every Mood

Delicious snack bars made with mood
and brain boosting ingredients